The spiral sand washing machine is used in the construction site, the sand and stone factory, the prefabricated factory, the mineral processing plant and the hydropower construction site to use the sand and stone to remove the mud, the work. Can also be used for ore sorting operations.

The utility model relates to a spiral sand washing machine which is composed of a groove body, a speed reducer, a motor, a central shaft, a spiral blade and a bracket. The bracket is welded on the central shaft, and the spiral blade is pressed tightly after being pressed, so that the blade does not sag and deform.

Spiral sand washing machine is especially suitable for the production of abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate and other hard brittle material crushing and grinding, is an efficient, energy-saving gravel sand making equipment, sand making advanced equipment.

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Performance characteristics of spiral sand washing machine:

Spiral sand washing machine to reduce the wear of some parts, no need to increase the screen, thereby reducing the loss of the screen, extending the useful life of the equipment.

The utility model has the advantages that the energy utilization ratio of the spiral sand washing machine is higher, the energy loss caused by the bucket wheel in the process of lifting is reduced, and the energy is effectively utilized.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and stable performance, and the impeller transmission bearing device is isolated from the water and the water absorbing material, and the phenomenon that the bearing is damaged due to flooding, sand and pollutants can be avoided.

The cleaning effect is better, the spiral sand washing machine compared with the bucket wheel, the sand material through the turn cleaning time and more times, better cleaning effect.

Working principle of spiral sand washing machine:

The work of spiral sand washing machine, motor through the belt, reducer, gear reducer drives the impeller to rotate slowly, the sand feed chute into the washing tank, roll driven impeller and grinding each other, remove the gravel covered surface impurities, while destruction of water vapor - coated sand layer, in order to facilitate the dehydration; at the same time water, the strong water flow in small proportion of impurities and foreign objects away and discharged from the wash tank overflow outlet, complete the cleaning effect. Clean sand and gravel taken away by the blade, the last gravel from the rotating impeller into the trough, the completion of the sand cleaning.